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Phones at Work specializes in supplying Business Phone solutions since we opened the doors in 1993. We like to think that we are more about providing you with a solution, not just phone systems.

Desktop Integration

Panasonic released its new Desktop Integration tool ‘Communications Assistant’ (CA) with its new TDE range several years ago.

CA introduces interaction between the Desktop and your Panasonic telephone to allow powerful point and click telephony together with screen-based presence, integration with Outlook and other CRM’s.

Originally CA required an external PC to run the ‘Server’ component of it’s function. With the release of the new Panasonic Models ‘NS700’, ‘NS1000’, ‘NSX1000’ & ‘NSX2000’ a new server-less operation was released. External server now is only required in thin client environments.

CA ‘Basic Express’ comes as standard with all models as do 90 day trial licencing for CA ‘Professional’ with its increased functionality.

Panasonic Communications Assistant

1st Party desktop integration
All our systems include built-in Server for CA
Comes in Basic, Pro, Supervisor and Operator Versions

UC Pro

Our new 1st Party integration product img 022
Server based Enterprise solution
Single log-in for desktop, tablet and smartphone
Supports both Android and IOS

3rd Party Integration

We can also supply Poltys and GoConnect products

Providing you with a solution, not just a phone system.